The Centre

The property was donated to the community by the J.D. Shatford family to the South Shore Regional Recreation Association in 1974 for community recreation. It was then transferred to the Halifax County Municipality 1990-1991 and then to HRM in 1994. The existing building was transported from the other end of Queensland and set on the property in 1974 (deed dated and rock inscription). The property was originally run by volunteers forming the South Shore Regional Recreation Association until Halifax County and Halifax City amalgamated in 1994. At that time, it was turned over to HRM to manage with the rate payers fund.

To date, the 33 acre property boasts a large outdoor play space which includes a softball field, a regulation sized baseball field, playground equipment, tennis court, and small skate park, as well as a building used for meetings, small group activities, and equipment storage.

A new proposal for the future development of the Hubbards Recreation Center site has been completed. To view the new design click here.

A gallery of photo’s of the Rec Center can be found¬†here.