The Hubbards Area Recreation Association (HARA) is a non-profit, volunteer-run community organization that supports recreational opportunities in the Hubbards area.

HARA offers recreational programming, and helps to maintain the Hubbards Recreation Centre and the Mill Cove sports fields.

To contact HARA, please email info@hubbardsrec.ca

HARA Membership
Annual memberships run April 1 – March 31.  HARA membership is free. Members must reside in Hubbards and surrounding area.

Members can attend and vote at member meetings (generally HARA holds one per year – the annual general meeting), are eligible to become members of the Board of Directors, and will be kept up to date on HARA events, etc.

To register as a HARA member, please complete the online form here. For more information about membership, please contact info@hubbardsrec.ca

HARA Board of Directors
The Board of the ​Hubbards Area Recreation Association meets approximately once per month. Should you wish to attend a meeting, have ​questions or suggestions, please email us at info@hubbardsrec.ca

2018-19 HARA Board Members  

Ron Johnson – Chair
Colleen Johnson – Treasurer
Jim Allan
Nadine Hackney
Justyne Higgins
Allyson McKinnon
Jennifer Sloot